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Welcome to Year 1


In Year 1 we strive to make the learning journey as enjoyable and rewarding as we can for each individual child so they reach their full potential.



We recognise that children learn in different ways so we plan activities which are practical, with the emphasis on language development and discussion in Heritage Language if appropriate.The children help to evaluate the activities at the end of each topic so we can keep the curriculum interesting and improve the learning opportunities.

Each half term we go on a visit or invite a visitor into school to talk to the children.  We also offer an Owl Workshop and an Animal Experience Workshop. This gives the children the fantastic opportunity to use their research skills to look up information about different living things, sketch and draw the animals and ask questions from experts.



          Our Year 1 Topics       


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Here are some of the ways we help your child to become a confident learner.


We plan activities which are practical, with the emphasis on language development and discussion in Heritage Language if appropriate.

  • We try to give the children first hand experiences as much as possible, with workshops, visits, visitors and walks around the local area.
  • We have very talented support staff. They are used to effectively target children with Special Educational Needs or those children who would benefit from extra support because they are Gifted and Talented or just need an extra boost.
  • Each class identifies the children who need extra help with reading, writing and numeracy. We target these children from the time they enter Year 1, using their Early Years Foundation Scores. We also use the transition notes from the previous class teachers
  • With trained support staff we run two ELS (Early Literacy Support) programmes throughout the year which targets twelve children in each class.
  • We also run a Physical Programme for some children which is carried out three times a week in each class.
  • Each class teacher, working alongside their support team, discuss on a daily basis the needs of their class and plan accordingly.
  • We teach small targeted groups with differentiated activities when needed.
  • We also mix the class so the other children can learn from their peers with mixed ability and group activities.
  • We teach daily phonics lessons based on the Letters and Sounds scheme.
  • The children take home, on a daily basis, a reading book, which is colour coded to match their ability.


Outdoor Play

Your child has the opportunity to explore and learn for themselves during our outdoor play activities. They have the opportunity to try out the skills they have been taught during the half term topic. The children also learn to work together to achieve.



If you would like to find out more about your child’s time in Year 1 please ask any of the Year 1 Team who will be happy to help you.


Mrs Lane-Stewart        Year 1 Team Leader.


If you would like to view the Year 1 curriculum letters please Click Here

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