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Dear Parents & members of the school community

We hope that when looking at our website you get the flavour of the unique nature of Manorfield Infant & Nursery School and the many opportunities that children have during their time with us.

Manorfield School is a school where all the staff & governors work hard to create a place where all children feel known, valued and cared for. We would like the children to enjoy their time with us with many opportunities to have fun, to be challenged and to achieve their very best.

We work hard with parents to encourage the children to develop important moral values and develop an understanding of other cultures. Each child is unique and we aim to enlarge each child’s knowledge and understanding with the emphasis always on the progress and development of the individual child

Even at a young age it is essential to develop a sense of responsibility for his or her own actions and to have an understanding of the welfare of others.

We are a school that encourages parents to be involved all aspects of their child’s education and we welcome parents into school every day. We work in partnership with parents to ensure that we take the best possible care of all the children.


SE Palmer   Head teacher

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